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The Company

PPN Engineering develops analysis and designs of complex structures, dynamic and vibration analyzes, together with seismic studies for specific conditions of each industrial installation.


We carry out seismic designs of large tanks for petrochemical plants, liquefied natural gas, sulfuric acid and drinking water based on Backward Seismic Analysis published in international congresses and incorporated in the Chilean code NCh2369.

We are pioneers in studies of the seismic behavior inside caverns applied in Codelco projects, developing methodologies applied in high investment projects.

We have proven experience in industrial and mining projects with important companies, as well as technical and economic evaluations for large investment projects. The above allows us a broad vision of the needs for projects in terms of quality standards and committed deadlines.

Patricio Pineda Nalli

Earthquake Engineering Consultant

M. Sc. Seismic Engineering

University of Chile



Directorio 2014-2016

Comité Técnico de Minería e Industrias

(2013 a la fecha)

Presidente Comité de Estanques

Integrante Comisiones

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